Stock Management

Stock Manager can choose to add as many inventory records as possible to each product based on business needs. Even better, the system is trying to push the editing boundaries far beyond the usual standards. Scroll below to learn about all existing features and upcoming features

Order Management

Allow customers to register and choose whether to automatically generate a username and password. Inventory management: Track inventory levels, maintain inventory after canceling orders, and get notifications about insufficient inventory and out of stock. Order management: add customer notes, manually edit inventory, mark items you ship and manage fulfillment processes. Email notification to the customer.

Web Order System

Web Order is a simple interface, you can take orders at the point of sale through the eCommerce store. When you have a large number of customers, your point of sale system needs to respond immediately.  is This built for speed. Your product inventory is stored on the Server to simplify quick searches.

WordPress E-Commerce

As a set of content management system, WordPress means that you can easily manage websites, publish articles, etc. through it. The most important thing is that you do n’t need to write programs, and you can easily use WordPress to quickly establish e-commerce. website. We will provide customers with a full set of E-Commerce Solution. […]

WordPress CMS

Use CMS to improve the accuracy of enterprise image. Keyword SEO google search plus Youtube Video Brand Promotion is definitely a low-cost and effective promotion method. Using years of experience in search engine optimization and algorithm understanding, we have adjusted to help search engines and users The best website, the first page of natural ordering […]

Improve website ranking

Now every company is relying more and more on Google keyword search. Customers mostly see the company ’s brand on the YouTube platform and then go to google search. If there is a professional website or product, it can definitely increase the customer ’s confidence. It is a one-stop solution for an enterprise or brand! […]