Global perspective

Since WooCommerce users are spread all around the world, you will easily find diverse solutions and ideas to run a business. You can constantly draw inspiration from the vibrant community forums in the WooCommerce ecosystem.

No restrictions

An annoying aspect of hosted eCommerce solutions would be the limits that they set in terms of products and orders on your store. As WooCommerce is a self hosted solution, there won’t be any such restrictions to cause you inconvenience. You can set up as many products you want, though you may have to ensure […]

Sell any type of products

WooCommerce offers you the flexibility to sell a large range of products from physical, downloadable, and variable to affiliate products, subscriptions, and services. According to the product range that you wish to sell, you can easily set up site features and other store components.

Flexibility to extend functionalities

WooCommerce ecosystem offers great scope to extend functionalities and features of your site. And, more importantly, you can do this as per your needs. That means if you are looking for a particular feature, you can find a plugin specifically for that. This will help to keep the website lean all the time, and that […]